Sphax PureBDcraft HD mod for Minecraft
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Sphax PureBDcraft HD v 1.6 | 1.6.2

Sphax PureBDcraft HD

The Sphax PureBDcraft HD is a very popular textures pack. That's because his

unique desing and high resolutions it is a real "eye-catcher".

The Texture Pack is available in all resolutions: 64x64, 128x128, 256x256 and even 512x512


The normal download link at the bottom of the page is a complete pack with all resolutions of the texture pack!


Download links of individual textures packages:

64x64 Texture Pack: http://ul.to/w86t0k25

128x128 Texture Pack: http://ul.to/e09wycp4

256x256 Texture Pack: http://ul.to/sbzs7u8w

512x512 Texture Pack: http://ul.to/dgzgwd6s





There must be a very good and strong performance PC system with enough RAM (memory) for the resolutions 256x256 and 512x125. If not, it may cause problems.

by kraftklub added on

Nur ich, ich habe das Pack entwurfen

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4 Comments for Sphax PureBDcraft HD

  1. manpower 20. 08 2013

    Krasses Texturenpack

  2. Boby-2000
    Boby-2000 27. 07 2013

    das schlechteste ist das man das man über 64x64 Auflösungen macht weil computer richtig langsam wird

  3. Img_1019
    Century 26. 07 2013

    http://bdcraft.net/ hier gibts die originalen Links, ich finds noch immer nicht nett, nicht die ursprünglichen Links zu posten.