Maxhds Deluxe TP

V 4 NEW! (MC:1.8-1.11) TPv: 2.5.0 mod for Minecraft

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A very nice Resoucenpack. It is not only nice and always on the newest one was but also fast and well to win fights with PvP. The Resoucenpack is partly 64x64 and partly 128x128 and very much few pixels of enlargements z.b 256x256 or 512x512. Besides, it has a well readable HD schrifft and a good sound stack. (with Optifine mcpatcher)

I hope to you gefält my Resoucepack. LG. MaxHD

MaxHDs Deluxe Resoucenpack

I would be glad if her one assessment, a comment, and if you should find a bug direct to announce.


The version 2. 5. 0 the Resoucepack is compatible ones for from the 1.8.0 to the 1.11.2


Thank you very much:-)


For the people they do not know like they insert a Resousepack:

Windows signs + R dortrein then %appdata % then in the. minecraft folder and then in the Resoucepack folder. Then there purely the Resoucepack has to go.





  • 14 Jan 19:55
    Version 4 NEW! (MC:1.8-1.11) TPv: 2.5.0

    +Drachenei Texture (war ei bug)
    +Neue Bett Texture
    +neue 3D Texturen (Leiter...)
    (Tipps teils aus den Kommentaren befolgt.)
    +Shulkertexturen überarbeitet. (nicht der Mob Shulker)
    +bug fixes

  • 30 Jan 13:09
    Version .Old 1.9(TP:1.9.5)

    Sprache hat sich geändert ( nur deutsche Sprache)

    1.9 Items hinzugefügt


    kreativ verbessert

    datenverbrauch gesunken (minecraft startet schneller)(mehr FPS)

    noch kleine Änderungen...



15.11 2015
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V 4 NEW! (MC:1.8-1.11) TPv: 2.5.0
MaxHDsDeluxeTP (Bitte die Datei ...
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Sat 12
V .Old 1.9(TP:1.9.5)
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30. 01 2016 179

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