XXL Battleship Bismarck Mod for Minecraft
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XXL Battleship Bismarck v 1.6 | 1.6.2

Offer here a very detailed Empire Battleship download. It is here

the model "Bismarck" a German battleship. The ship was with great attention

Construction time, we have built as much detail as possible. The ship is

become very epic and especially very large ;) Downloaded it to you, it looks at you and

rated it here.



The first download link is the ship in the world.

The second / alternative download link is the ship as schematic files including video tutorial to insert.

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  1. Xjackyboyx

    tja die lava muss weg sonst is des schiff hin hab es mehr mal´s versucht und naja ich bekomm des recht zeitig net hin ( ps wo is eig des u-boot ) ???

  2. Deutzclaas

    Ich würde die mLava durch glowstone ersezen und vor Glowstone gelbe wolle dann downloade ich es mir :D

  3. Default_avatar