XXL Battleship Bismarck Mod for Minecraft
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XXL Battleship Bismarck v 1.6 | 1.6.2

Offer here a very detailed Empire Battleship download. It is here

the model "Bismarck" a German battleship. The ship was with great attention

Construction time, we have built as much detail as possible. The ship is

become very epic and especially very large ;) Downloaded it to you, it looks at you and

rated it here.



The first download link is the ship in the world.

The second / alternative download link is the ship as schematic files including video tutorial to insert.

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  1. Default_avatar
    Karma: 0

    Sat, 20 Apr 2013 10:04:20 GMT


    Bei mir brennt es im schlachtschiff!
    wenn dass so geplant war ist dass ein Sch... mod

    1. Gamingletsshow
      Karma: 4

      Sun, 21 Apr 2013 11:29:37 GMT


      Das war sicher nicht so geplant, es liegt bestimmt an der lava die im "Auspuff" des Schiffes ist. Es brennt aber komischer weise nicht bei jedem. Bau sie einfach zu
      MfG GamingLetsShow

  2. Default_avatar
    Karma: 2

    Sun, 14 Apr 2013 18:49:20 GMT


    Das Schlachtschiff brennt